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Member Sign Up Guideline

Read the following steps and click Become a Member to complete Jeunesse online application form

(The following steps and screens vary slightly between different regions and may not be exactly the same as shown)

5-minute demo of how to complete an online application form

USA, Canada

Other Countries

Step 1

Complete all required information in the sign-up page as shown.

(1) In “Website Address Selection” section, you will need to create a User ID (e.g. “peterchan”) in the “Main Site URL” field.

(2) In “Distributor Information” section, let the “Display Name” field be auto-filled.

Sign Up Guideline

Step 2

Starter Kit is auto-selected.

Sign Up Guideline

Step 3

You can custom your own SignUp Package, including same or different products, by selecting “Create-a-Package”. A new menu will then appear for selection of products to be purchased. Regular distributor prices (i.e. save up to 23%-40%) apply under the “Create-a-Package” option.

Jeunesse Signup Packages

You can select one of the preset SignUp Packages (the SignUp Packages also vary slightly between different regions and may not appear exactly the same as shown). The preset SignUp Packages are specially priced; each individual item is additional 10% cheaper than the regular distributor price. Larger packages offer larger savings. Savings from the SignUp Packages are sufficient to cover the Starter Kit price.

Jeunesse Sign Up Packages

Step 4

Choose “Signup for Unconditional Autoship” and select your desired product(s) (at least 60CV) in the AUTOSHIP OPTION section. The product(s) will be shipped to you every 30 days. Click “Complete SignUp” once you are done.

Jeunesse Autoship Option

Step 5

On the next page, select your shipping method and key in your shipping and credit card details. That’s it, you’ve just created your own Jeunesse account!

Click Become a Member to complete Jeunesse online application form