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Getting a good night’s sleep each night is crucial to your wellbeing, just as much as a healthy diet and getting regular exercise. When you sleep badly, this can have negative effects on your brain function, hormones, and physical performance. Getting great sleep helps you be healthier, exercise better, and even eat less. If you’re wondering how to ensure you get the sleep you need without a problem, try the tips below.

Turn Off Your Phone

Having exposure to light during the day is a good thing, but the same does not apply when it gets later in the way. The worst form of light when its near bedtime is blue light, which is emitted in huge amounts from computers, smartphones, and similar devices. Putting your phone down near bedtime is one option, as is downloading an app that blocks blue light. Turn off bright lights an hour or two before bed for the best results.

Take Proper Supplements

One of the most common supplements that can help with sleep is melatonin. It is often used to treat insomnia and can provide better sleep quality and more energy the next day. Another great option that is gaining popularity is AM PM Essentials from Jeunesse. This product is a set of two supplements, one for morning and one to take at night to improve your sleep and help you wake up ready for the day.

Build a Sleep Schedule

Your body has a circadian rhythm that aligns with the times that sun rises and sets. When you sleep at the same time each night, this can offer you better sleep each night. Studies show that people who sleep in an irregular pattern often have a poor sleep. If you’re ready to sleep better and wake up refreshed each day, it might be time to consider a sleep schedule that you keep to every single night.

Lay Off Caffeine

Caffeine offers many health benefits and can increase energy and focus. However, when you drink it late in the day, it can keep your body from relaxing and allowing you restful sleep. Caffeine consumed even six hours before bed can cause these issues, so it’s best to keep your caffeine consumption to the morning and early afternoon. If you’re ready to sleep better and wake up feeling great, AM PM Essentials is a great place to start. You can learn more about it and other products by Jeunesse at Www.Helprejuvenate.Com.