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Shop as a preferred customer and receive up to 25% off every item on every order

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What is Jeunesse Preferred Customer?

A Jeunesse Preferred customer is a Customer registered on a monthly recurring order (known as “SmartDelivery”) who purchases product at the Jeunesse Preferred pricing.

 Youth Enhancement System

Youth Enhancement System

Jeunesse Products: Luminesce, Instantly Ageless, Reserve, Finiti, Zen Bodi, AM&PM Essentials, M1ND, Nevo, Vidacell and NV

Benefits of Jeunesse Preferred Customer

We believe in rewarding Customer loyalty. Jeunesse Preferred customers enjoy:

  • No Membership Fee: With no up-front or annual fee, it’s easy for Customers to register.

  • Amazing Pricing: Jeunesse Preferred customers receive up to 25% off every item on every order.

  • No Sensitive Information Required: No need to collect Social Security Number or other sensitive information.

  • SmartDelivery Shipping: Jeunesse Preferred customers are automatically enrolled in our SmartDelivery. Customers automatically receive their favorite products every month, can place as many additional orders as they want and can change their orders anytime.

  • Specialty Sneak Peeks: As new products launch, exciting promotions become available and we make company announcements, Jeunesse Preferred customers will be at the forefront with exclusive packages and incentives not available to retail Customers.

How does the monthly SmartDelivery work?

  • The Jeunesse Preferred customer’s first order becomes their monthly product order

  • Jeunesse Preferred customers can change their SmartDelivery order anytime during the 30 days between orders

How can a Customer change their SmartDelivery plan?

Each Jeunesse Preferred customer will have their own Joffice where they will be able to manage their SmartDelivery.

How does a Jeunesse Preferred customer return products?

Jeunesse Preferred customer return policy is the same as the current Retail Customer refund policy.   Retail Customer Returns Guarantee. Jeunesse offers a thirty (30) day, one hundred percent (100%) unconditional money back guarantee on Products sold to all Retail Customers.

Click Become Preferred Customer below to access and complete Jeunesse online application form

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Jeunesse Preferred Customer

Shop as a Jeunesse Preferred Customer